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You may find yourself asking, “Why the name change?” In the past, when someone asked what the name of our business was, we responded with “Mufflers and Pipes.” More often than not, people would ask us if mufflers and pipes were all we serviced. After hearing this be a common question from customers, we discussed the possibility of making a name change to better encompass the services of the company. With the help of our employees, we decided to make a change. It was important to us to incorporate “Waukesha” into the name, honoring the birth place of the business back in 1972. Waukesha is also the community that has built three generations of loyal customers for Mufflers and Pipes, and we are thankful for that. Finally, “Auto Repair” represents the wide variety of services that we offer. We are happy to introduce Waukesha Auto Repair as our new identity while honoring the history of Mufflers and Pipes.


                The history of Mufflers and Pipes and its transformation to Waukesha Auto Repair dates back to 1972. It was in 1972 that Art Ray started Mufflers and Pipes. It was in downtown Waukesha, located on the corner of Madison St. and St. Paul Ave. In 1978, Art moved the business to West Avenue just south of Sunset Drive. At this location Gary Green become a dedicated employee of Mufflers and Pipes. It was years after that Art sold the business to myself and my brother, Gary Green. The purchase took place in 1997, and in 2001 a new building was built at 350 W. Sunset Drive. The business moved to the new building, which is where it is still located today. The relocation allowed us to offer many new services. It was at this time that Mufflers and Pipes became a full automotive repair facility. In 2008 Justin Karides became an employee, and within a few years Justin was promoted to Manager of the company. After decades of dedication to the business, Gary decided to retire in the summer of 2017. Gary sold his portion of the company to Justin. With the change in ownership, it was an appropriate time to also change the name. Mufflers and Pipes is now known as Waukesha Auto Repair.


                Justin is running the day to day business. He is committed to providing excellent customer service that the customers deserve, maintaining the integrity and history of the company. This standards and expectations have been established by Art and Gary throughout the years of operation. Waukesha Auto Repair is a locally owned and operated business. This is what sets Waukesha Auto Repair above chain repair facilities.

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